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duration - 1h 39 m
Director - Lorenzo Doumani
Action, Drama
Release year - 2000
country - USA

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Genres - Comedy Duration - 86 Minutes creator - Christina Kallas Rating - 5,3 / 10 stars Synopsis - Manos returns to his hometown where he finds his children love and starts a chain of events that leads to the uncovering of a dark secret

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Ryan Placchetti / year=2019 / Malibu Road is a movie starring Jessica Jade Andres, Michael Andricopoulos, and Benita Robledo. Fast living Los Angelenos are targeted by the Central Intelligence Agency during Operation Midnight Climax, part of MKUltra. The / directors=Montgomery Markland

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Mel Stuart / rating=164722 Vote / Peter Ostrum / Creator=Roald Dahl, Roald Dahl / USA

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release date: 1975
Confessions of a Pop Performer is a movie starring Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, and Bill Maynard. Either you've got it or you haven't - some like randy young Timothy Lea (Robin Askwith), manage to get it all the time! Signing up
director: Norman Cohen
Genre: Comedy
Robin Askwith

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Year 1989. Genre Comedy. Philip Chan. 6,7 of 10. Audience Score 24 votes

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Australia; genre - Drama; cast - John Hamblin; During a camping trip to Ayers Rock in outback Australia, she claims that she witnessed a dingo taking her baby daughter Azaria from the family tent. Azaria's body is never found. Police note some apparent inconsistencies in her story, and she is charged with murder. The case attracts a lot of attention, turning a simple investigation into a media circus with the public divided in their opinion; tomatometer - 6 / 10

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genres News, Thriller

Writed by Jerry Spears, Domenic Barbero

tomatometers 6,8 / 10 Star

rating 14 Vote

Reviews A Wiki-Leaks release illuminates the collusion amongst politicians and the medical industry that drives the cost of medical care to an unattainable price for the middle class. With the guilty parties' names and addresses being released, a vigilante movement springs up around the Untied States. After his father loses the battle with cancer, Mason, along with Thompson and Bobbi, seek violent justice and hope for riches along the way. A shotgun blast sparks a string of unintended consequences that leads the group down a dark road

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directors Javier Aguirre / Release date 1979 / 4,8 of 10 / Duration 1 hour 30 Minute / Genre Musical

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writed by Shin'ya Hidaka Kon Ichikawa Genre Romance Japan 2Hours 20minute

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  1. duration - 1H, 20 Minutes
  2. Reviews - Bella and the Boys is a TV movie starring Tom Burke, Freddie Cunliffe, and Billie Piper. 13 years after Bella, Martin and Lee were there, the manager of their children's home is retiring and the home being shutdown. As they meet up
  3. Brian Hill
  4. Brian Hill
  5. Freddie Cunliffe

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Argentina; directed by=José Celestino Campusano; duration=90 m; Star=Rubén Orlando Beltrán; Drama

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Countries=UK / Abstract=Sade performs live at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California on September 4, 2011 as a part of her "Sade Live" concert tour in support of her 2010 album Soldier of Love / Rating=44 votes / Sophie Muller / 2012

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  • Creator=Rob Cipriano
  • Countries=USA
  • Proximity to Power is a movie starring Angela Kerecz, Paul Borghese, and Robert Miranda. A dark warrior Rob Cipriano considers himself already dead so there is nothing to lose for the worst has already happened to him. Clear and

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Short / release Date: 2018 / Giulio Tonincelli / Patricia lives in Kalongo, a small remote village in Acholi land, Northern Uganda. In the shadow of Mount Oret, which dominates the landscape of the village, Patricia is learning each day to accompany new mothers through the physical pain and the immense emotion of giving birth. 'Together with woman' is the meaning of her chosen vocation to love and serve with joy, this is what it means to be a midwife

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2004. actor=George W. Bush. runtime=1 Hour 20 minutes. Summary='How Arnold won the West' is a hilarious political satire on the most bizarre American election to date. In true Hollywood-style and after much media speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for Governor of California on The Jay Leno Show in August 2003. The world was watching. But as Schwarzenegger hit the campaign trail, were we just witnessing the cult of celebrity?. UK

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Audience Score - 186 vote. Genre - Thriller. user rating - 4,8 / 10 stars. Renzo Briceño. Directed by - Ramiro Tenorio

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info My Pure Land is a movie starring Suhaee Abro, Eman Malik, and Razia Malik. Three women defend their home against a group of armed men who want to take it forcibly from them. 218 Vote. Genres Thriller. release year 2017. Director Sarmad Masud

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  • abstract: Hélène, an antique dealer and her husband Georges, a respected doctor, live in a beautiful property and gives everyone the image of conjugal happiness. The children, Daniel and Nadine, are busy with their studies and their loves. The bourgeois life of Hélène is troubled by the murder of her lover, Philippe, a friend of his son. She finds the body when she goes to one of their appointments. In shock, she still thinks to take away the address book of the victim where her name appears - object compromising for her marriage. The police are interested in her. A stranger makes her sing. She is caught in a gear that she can not get out of. She suspects then it is a revenge of her husband
  • tomatometer: 7,1 of 10
  • Director: Etienne Périer
  • country: Italy
  • Star: Lea Massari