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1 H, 35 min / release Date 2014 / brief About Mom and Dad... is a movie starring Farah White, Brent Anderson, and Katy Rowe. A film about the family you never wanted to have but cannot imagine life without / score 11 votes / Average Rating 6,6 of 10 stars

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  • Rating 6,9 / 10 Star
  • Samantha Lang
  • Australia
  • Audience Score 363 Votes
  • Description The Killing Field is a TV movie starring Rebecca Gibney, Peter O'Brien, and Liam McIntyre. A task force is sent to a small country town to investigate a shocking crime

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casts: Jim Wolfe
Rating: 456 Vote
Creators: Daniel Boyd

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Release date: 2016

Marvel's Captain America: 75 Heroic Years is a TV movie starring Axel Alonso, Hayley Atwell, and Chloe Bennet. Marvel celebrates the history of Captain America, both in the comics and on TV and film, and examines the character as a

Director: Zak Knutson

average Ratings: 8,4 / 10 star

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  1. release Date - 2002
  2. Info - Almas de la Media Noche is a movie starring Juan Fernando Lobo, Reynaldo Melara, and Lourdes Pineda. Six college students investigate the death of a journalist in a village in Honduras
  3. directed by - Juan Carlos Fanconi
  4. 120 minutes
  5. Star - Lourdes Pineda, Reynaldo Melara

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Country - Hong Kong
Kwok-Wah Siu
Duration - 1 Hour, 31 Minutes
director - David Chiang

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  • writed by=Johnnie Johnson
  • genre=Drama
  • runtime=121M
  • Vernon Snoop Robinson
  • 4,4 of 10

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Drama; Rano Kubaeva; resume: The youth years of Ibn Seena; Average rating: 6,7 / 10 Star; Liked It: 24 Vote

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1996; genre: Horror; Raven Quinn is a scream queen with a couple of problems... her marriage is falling apart and her next door neighbor is not the nice guy he seems to be. You see, he is obsessed with Raven and wants to do anything to make her happy. This includes anyone he feels is exploiting her in even the slightest way. He gets nuttier and nuttier and eventually begins dressing up like Santa Claus and killing people with a claw; Writer: John A. Russo; Runtime: 1 H 23 M

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country - India

writed by - A.K. Lohithadas

Liked It - 36 vote

Cast - Chanchal

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Liang Gao, Liqing Li 2017

Creators Masahiro Yoshimoto Streaming Kankin Sei No Dorei: Ikenie 2 BitSnoop Watch Film

director - Genji Nakamura / 1986 / Aiko Matsuoka / Country - Japan / Ryuichi Hiroki

Language Hindi Czech Genre Detective Görünmeyenler Fresh 148

Average ratings=4,4 of 10 Star
star=Deniz Ozmen
Serhat Hasanoglu
audience score=295 Vote

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Directed by=Joseph Arney; cast=Richard E. Wilson, Desiree Aceves; genre=Drama; Writed by=Joseph Arney, Christopher W. Graham; Runtime=1hours, 35 Minute

Language Croatian Italian The Boy From Hell Deryn Warren High Resolution No Create Account 163

Directed by Deryn Warren

Release Year 1988

A teenage boy is hidden at an orphanage by his mother to protect him against his father, who wants to use the boys body to be reborn

1 hour 30 m

Audience Score 135 Votes

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actor: Silvio Pollio


genre: Drama

Countries: Canada

creator: Joseph Nasser


Duration=1 h 39m; rating=7,8 of 10; star=Woody Harrelson; directed by=Jane Anderson; 2005

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  1. India
  2. cast: Farida Jalal
  3. Genres: Fantasy
  4. Info: Devesh (Ajay Devgan) was Raj's father who was a futuristic car designer. He owned an old car, which was passed down to him from his father and he hoped to pass it on to his son, Raj. After many hours designing, he shows his design to a car company owned by four men (Pankaj Dheer, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shakti Kapoor and Mukesh Tiwari), little did he know that they would turn around and patent the design and take credit for it. In an attempt to get justice, Devesh reports the incident to the police and later finds out the hard way that the police officer was part of the deception. After Devesh confronts the men, they fight and Devesh is knocked out and left unconscious. The men decide to place him in his car and dump the car in the nearby lake. Devesh drowns to death leaving behind his mother and his young son. A few years pass by and Raj has grown up and enters college. Raj is a simple looking, geeky guy who is made fun of because of the way he looks. He meets Priya (Ayesha Takia) who has just returned from London and together they form a relationship. One day while passing by Raj sees his father's old car in a scrap yard. He buys the car and transforms it into "Tarzan", a futuristic looking car that he builds in memory of his father. The car has a life of its' own and soon becomes a killing machine, taking revenge on the men who killed Devesh. The suspicion falls on Raj and he becomes the prime suspect. While visiting Raj's home, Priya's father sees a photo of Devesh and Raj and realizes who Raj is. Priya's father is one of the men who killed Raj's father. He forbids Priya from seeing Raj and decides to send her back to London. The climax of the movie is where you learn that Devesh's spirit controls the car and he cannot move on to the after world unless he gets revenge and his family learns the truth about his death. After he accomplishes both tasks, his soul is free and he moves on. Raj and Priya unite and all ends well
  5. 2004


directors - Tim Forbes. Scores - 31 Vote. 7,5 / 10. Country - Canada

To Tvos X Moor

581 Votes

Tomatometer=4,4 of 10 Stars

Luke Hyams

Cast=Nick Blood

A £25,000 reward offered by a local newspaper brings documentary makers Matt and his girlfriend Georgia to the remote North Devon moor in a bid to capture the fabled Beast purported to be a wild cat, like a panther or a puma on film

Tunnel of Love thepiratebay

Creator Simon Nye
Duration 1 h, 30 m
genre Drama
user Rating 8,7 of 10
rating 45 Vote

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Release Date: 2018 / Dylan Pearce / Genre: Documentary