Las viudas de los jueves
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YouTube. The widows of thursday's film. The windows of thursdays the new. The windows of thursdays 7. The windows of thursdays full. The windows of thursdays houston. The windows of thursdays atlanta. The windows of thursdays 2. While knowing that Echarri is normally a mediocre actor, trailer looked attractive and I decided to give this one a shot. Bad choice.
The plot could have been interesting, but it is ruined a slowness and predictability. Actor's performances are mostly poor or barely average, and the attempted social critique falls short of fulfilling any meaningful purpose.
The intended "sneak peek" into an utopian high society "bubble" allegedly isolated from social reality is barely a misguided collection of stereotypes and a mediocre sociologist's fantasy that fails to reflect reality in most senses. While it may still appeal to foreign public, argentine viewers will be more likely to sense the unconvincing artificiality of the whole thing.
I give it a couple stars, though, for some visually attractive scenes, in particular the opening sequence. But in overall it's rubbish.
Add the fact it was screened almost simultaneously with Campanella's "El Secreto de sus Ojos" and it is no wonder that "Las Viudas. went under mostly unnoticed.

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The Widows of Thursdays Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro Produced by Gerardo Herrero Written by Marcelo Figueras Based on Las viudas de los Jueves by Claudia Piñeiro Starring Ernesto Alterio Roberto Antier Music by Roque Baños Cinematography Alfredo Mayo Release date 10 September 2009 Running time 122 min Country Argentina Spain Language Spanish The Widows of Thursdays ( Spanish: Las viudas de los jueves) is a 2009 Argentine-Spanish crime drama film directed by Marcelo Piñeyro and based on the novel of the same name by Claudia Piñeiro. It stars an ensemble cast consisting of Pablo Echarri, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Juan Diego Botto, Ernesto Alterio, Ana Celentano, Juana Viale, Gabriela Toscano and Gloria Carrá. The story focuses on a crime committed in a gated community and the secrets surrounding wealthy families who reside there. Cast [ edit] Pablo Echarri as Tano Leonardo Sbaraglia as Ronnie Ernesto Alterio as Martín Juan Diego Botto as Gustavo Ana Celentano  [ es] as Teresa Juana Viale  [ es] as Carla Gabriela Toscano as Mavy Gloria Carrá as Lala Vera Spinetta  [ es] as Trina Camilo Cuello Vitale  [ es] as Juan Adrián Navarro as Security guard Roberto Antier - Apoderado References [ edit] External links [ edit] The Widows of Thursdays on IMDb This article related to an Argentine film of the 2000s is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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